Welcome to eti Treuhand

Fiduciary services with heart and mind

Our figures are an expression of a partnership in which professional expertise and commitment go hand in hand. Trust in fiduciary service providers that see beyond the numbers - with us, every client and every story counts.


Paper savings through digitization. And we strive for more.


Since our foundation in 2005, we have supported 258 start-ups.


We speak 7 languages.

About eti Treuhand

eti Treuhand means more than just figures on paper - it is a partnership characterized by professional competence and personal commitment. Heart and mind are not just empty phrases.
They drive us to accompany and facilitate your entrepreneurial success in a fiduciary capacity according to all the rules of the art.

Our clientele – as diverse as we are

We are particularly proud of this collection, because our customers not only reflect our values, but also the success that is made possible by mutual trust.